It's all kicking off for Chris with Nike at FIFA Women's World Cup

20th June 2019

Chris is part of the latest Nike TV ad celebrating the FIFA Women's World Cup 2019!

Already the campaign has been shown on major TV channels in both the USA and UK, social media and news agencies like The Independent have done articles on the new NIKE campaign.

This is a worldwide commercial campaign, that is just in time for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2019, empowering women in sport.

At 1 min 40 secs in Chris has the largest speaking part in the whole 3 minute advert playing the sports commentator.

The Nike commercial is just one of many big name brands he's lent his voice to.

Great British Presenters on Vimeo

And this isn't Chris' first run-in with World Cup features neither...

When Jagermeister wanted a John Motson football commentator style-voice for their new World cup TV ad, they came to North Yorkshire ... (Well you would, wouldn't you?!)

Jagermeister TV Commercial; 'The Perfect Shot' with stunning voice acting by Chris.

Great British Presenters on Vimeo

The narration may sound like a play-by-play for a hockey game, but the action is actually in a bar. The tension builds as eye contact as made between the bartender and a thirsty customer. She cracks open the top of a bottle of Jagermeister, pours it into a cooled shot glass and then slides it down the bar to complete the perfect shot.

Chris isn't just an award-winning voice artist - he has his own highly sophisticated post-production studio, so he can supply a fully finished file if required!

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